Be’er-Sheva’s Old City is one of the most fascinating, unique and intriguing places in
Israel. The Old City was built over 100 years ago during the period of the Ottoman
Turkish rule in a unique grid pattern, and incorporating a world full of history, culture,
colors, stories, smells and tastes.

In recent years, the municipality of Be’er-Sheva has spearheaded a multi-year plan
for the development and renovation of the Old City, under the auspices of the Be’er-
Sheva Economic Development Company’s Old City and Tourism Administration.
The hometown of the Patriarch Abraham is pulsing with a new spirit of an inspiring,
new future in Be’er-Sheva, Israel’s capital of opportunities.

The Old City’s inspiring and beautiful buildings are becoming part of the municipal
“Museum Ramble” that is attracting many tourists from Israel and abroad, and
includes recently opened tourism anchors, such as Abraham’s Well International
Visitors’ Center, the Carasso Science Park, “The Train Yard” – Engine 70414
Compound, alongside magnificent cultural centers like the Negev Museum of Art,
unique galleries and an assortment of culture and art venues.

Unique buildings and homes become new restaurants and cafés offering surprising
flavors. Art galleries, cultural events and festivals fill the new and old streets with
content, joy and inspiration.

The Old City is becoming established as a residential focal point for young people,
and it is filled throughout the day and night with students, musicians and artists
who live there and create a lively and contemporary atmosphere that harmoniously
integrates with what is happening in the Old City.

There aren’t many places in which past, present and future meet every day, every
hour and every minute – and this is what gives Be’er-Sheva its unique beauty.