Culture and Special Events

Special events, activities and festivals take place in the Old City throughout the year. The City of Be’er- Sheva places the Old City as a hub of culture, leisure and entertainment and is promoting a tradition of special events. In the past year there were dozens of events held in the Old City, initiated by the Be’er- Sheva Municipality and the Kivunim Company, in cooperation with the Old City and Tourism Administration. These include “White Night”, a night-long event with a wide variety of shows and performances by top artists; the Smilansky (Street) Festival – a festival of southern culture; ”Mondays at the Museum” – summer outdoor live music concerts; the Wine Festival held at ”The Train yard” – Engine 70414 Compound; music events with local artists hosting guests; Friday Ba’Atika (in the Old City), Sukkot Ba’Atika and Passover Ba’Atika – activities in cooperation with the cultural and artistic facilities in the Old City and a broad assortment of activities year-round.