Infrastructure and development

We are working to create a progression of visible change of the public spaces giving the Old City a unique ‘flavor’ with its own special look and language of development, that includes lighting, signage, street furniture, underground waste disposal and landscaping.

Lately the “Food Street” (part of KKL) – The Avenue for Dining – was renovated including the renewal of the road and the sidewalks, replacement of lighting, Placement of street furniture and Landscape development.

Development work has been carried out in the streets Bet Eshel, Smilansky, Trumpeldor, Ha’Halutz, “Food Street” (part of KKL), and more blocks will be developed gradually. We are working to create easy access for public transportation and pedestrians. To facilitate convenient traffic patterns and parking availability, new parking garages were set up in the Old City in recent years, and there are free parking lots open around the clock.